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Project Description
FeedMonster is a Cross platform Really Simple Syndication reader made to allow you to easily follow updates to your favorite sites. Its made using .NET on Windows and Mono everywhere else.

For the older windows-only version visit

Project News
  • 1/03/2009
    • As of right now, the latest commit is the only one actually containing any code. That version is basically a pre-alpha alpha, meaning it can't do much. You have add feeds manually by editing the subscriptions.xml file. Data folder structure might also have to be manually created, this I'm unsure of. It is recommended to just wait for the beta, because the code here is still to rough to try to do anything with. Only making this project public now so that I don't lose it. Also the mono version doesn't exist yet, just windows. The backend code should be compile-able on mono if MoMA is to be believed, but the frontend (the UI) being in WPF prevents it from running on Mono.

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